Fellow Scholarship Grant

Please consider the purpose and expectations of an ASRT Fellow when completing this application.

Purpose – Fellow is an honorary designation representing a significant breadth and depth of contribution to the ASRT and the medical imaging and radiation therapy profession. A Fellow is an exemplary leader who has consistently served, advocated for, and supported advancement of the profession. ASRT initiated this category to celebrate professionals who were dedicated to the organization and contributed unselfishly to the profession. The Society recognized that qualifying for this honor required significant contribution through personal excellence and an interest in technologist “advancement through active educational endeavors, society activities and written papers.”
Expectation – Elevation to Fellow equals individual fulfillment of requirements that benefit the organization and the profession. As a Fellow, one is expected to encourage other professionals to expand their involvement with the ASRT and the radiologic sciences by functioning as a role model and mentor. Fellows inspire and promote a level of excellence in others by instilling high work ethic, continuous advocacy, personal growth and achievement of career goals. Fellows should acknowledge outstanding individuals who support the ASRT and the profession by sponsoring deserving medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals for this high honor.